The Songs

Here’s links to a few of my favorite MM tunes. I’ve noted where I think she’s playing-what position and what key. In conjunction with the tunes I show on my homespun DVD The Blues Guitar Styles of Memphis Minnie, you should be able to figure these out with a little study.Never figured a tune out? Watch this for some tips:

C position

1 Ain’t No Use Trying To Tell On Me Nov 27, 1933


2 Chickasaw Train Aug 24, 1934


3 Good Girl Blues June 5, 1930


4 Frisco Town June 18, 1929


G position

5 Drunken Barrelhouse Blues March 24, 1934


6 Down In New Orleans May 27, 1935


7 You Can’t Rule Me June 9,1937

8 It’s Hard To Be Mistreated Nov 12, 1936


9 Killer Diller From The South Feb 26, 1946 (I’m not sure if this take is from that date-there’s another more acoustic take- but this one is rocking! Also note the youtube pix are of Josephine Baker not MM)


10 Where Is My Good Man At Feb 3, 1932


G6 tuning (DGDGBE)

11 Frankie Jean July 8, 1930


12 New Dirty Dozens July 1, 1930


13 Going Back To Texas June 18, 1929


Spanish or open G tuning (DGDGBD)

14 Crazy Crying Blues January 30, 1931 This is also one of the most expressive vocals in recorded blues. Notice how the vocal vibrato (an effect Minnie seldom used) is in sync with the guitar part-perfect!


15 Wild About My Stuff June 5, 1930


16 Don’t Want No Woman June 5, 1930


A position

17Caught Me Wrong Again May 27, 1936


18Haunted Blues Nov 12, 1936


19I Don’t Want That Junk Jan 30, 1931Playing out of A but capoed to D. Both of ’em!


10 Nothing In Rambling June 27, 1940


21 Use Good Judgement Feb 6, 1939

E position

22 Bumblebee Feb 17, 1930 There are a bunch of different recordings of this one-her biggest hit. It was so popular they wore out the masters.


23 Don’t Bother It Feb 9, 1931 (top guitar is in E, bottom guitar is capoed at the 2nd fret and playing out of D)


24 Grandma and Grandpa Blues Sept. 9, 1930


D position

25 Plymouth Rock Blues June 5, 1930


26 Soo Cow Soo March 25, 1931


27 Dirty Mother For You January 10, 1935 They’re in Eflat-guitar is tuned down a step playing out of D


28 If You See My Rooster 1936